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Devotion to quality

Red Brick Properties, Inc. is a full-service real estate company that provides a unique blend of hands on expertise on a local basis.  Based in New York City, Red Brick is dedicated to maximizing the value of real estate assets owned by its institutional and private investors. Founded in 2002, the firm specializes in investment, management, and development.


The company’s visionary outlook and hands-on approach as an owner, developer, and manager, is forming its foundation as a leader in New York real estate.  To guarantee consistent performance, Red Brick Properties uses its expertise to manage the in-house departments, including acquisition and finance, design and construction, and marketing and management. 


Centered on entrepreneurial business practices and operations, Red Brick embraces challenges with a creative approach and an innovative attitude. 

Red Brick management programs are designed to safe guard the lasting quality of the property, maximize property income and value, and balance tenant needs with ownership objectives.   The Red Brick operating philosophy favors enduring, long-term relationships, with decisions based on a long-range perspective.


Red Brick Properties has the expertise to identify opportunities in the real estate market, and the enterprise and financial strength to act upon them for the benefit of investors, partners and tenants.  Our experience spans property acquisition, development and management. With an entrepreneurial spirit, we understand how the decisions of today affect the results of tomorrow.


We are committed to creating superior value by bringing considerable strength to the performance of all our real estate investments. 

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